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Made Easy

Talent Connect by TA Builder is a new era in talent acquisition. Unlike conventional recruitment agencies, we serve as your Strategic Partner, focusing on building a thriving team that aligns with your business's forward momentum. Our unique approach ensures no hefty commission fees, just a partnership aimed at enhancing your recruitment experience.


How It Works


There are two options to choose from. Blueprint we build, we support the recruitment process. Full-Cycle Recruiting we build and own the process from candidate marketing, sourcing, interview process, to offer, plus build the 90-day new hire onboarding plan.

Our Services
Our fixed fees average out at 6-9% of annual salary. No hidden costs

Recruitment Services



We Build  We Support

Clients would select Blueprint to improve the quality of hires, reduce hiring biases, ensure a fair and thorough selection process & ensure a seamless pathway to job offers and integration into your team.


Project Fee

  • Talent gap assessment

  • Market conditions & salary benchmark report

  • How to Attract, Source, and Hire Right Fit Talent​

  • 10 hours of candidate sourcing, staff training & support 


 Built into a Blueprint reference manual


Full-Cycle Recruiting

We Build We Own 

Clients would select Full-Cycle Recruiting for TA Builder to build, and own the hiring process from sourcing to offer.  


Per Hire

(non-complex roles)
(complex roles)

  • Job posting, marketing & candidate sourcing

  • Job description template

  • Interview process, decision matrix & job offer template

  • Reference & background check recommendations

  • Weekly status report

  • 60-day search commitment

  • $2,000 retainer

  • 15% discount for 3 or more jobs  

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