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TA Builder is a privately owned Human Capital consulting firm with Talent Acquisition Recruiters and Human Resource Consultants located throughout North America.
TA Builder helps small businesses recruit, develop, and retain talent through Human Capital Strategy. 

Talent Connect was created to help small businesses recruit & hire human capital.

Talent Builder is the focus on building the long-term plan to market, acquire, optimize, and retain talent.
Our team has a track record of excellence and is dedicated to being among the most respected human capital and recruiting firms in each of the markets we serve. 

Human Capital links business strategy to business results through the focus on building the plan, and the development of people & process -
Our Scorecard!


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J.D. Hasna is an experienced Human Capital leader with focus on various segments of human capital & staffing strategy, recruitment, executive search, and placement arenas. As Founder & CEO of TA Builder, LLC, a premier, boutique human capital firm, J.D. oversees all day-to-day leadership activities including recruiting, sales, operations, on-site consulting, HR, acquisitions, executive search, and strategic direction for the company.


It's with great pleasure that I share my experience partnering with JD Hasna and TA Builder. Our collaboration has proven to be a game-changer for both our businesses as we found a true partnership in sourcing difficult legal positions and a resource partner in our plans for growth at Idaho Divorce Law Firm and Joe Frick Law PLLC .
JD and his team at TA Builder exemplify professionalism, reliability, and a genuine commitment to shared success. Their team's proactive approach and effective communication have been instrumental in achieving our mutual goals.  Simply put, they listened to our needs, our specifics, and our feedback.  They tailored their approach to sourcing based on our needs and only supplied qualified and prescreened candidates.  Our experience with other firms was based on a volume approach... Multiple names and left to us to pick through who might work.
I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of service, attention to detail, and the seamless integration of our teams. This partnership has not only met but exceeded our expectations, making TA Builder an asset to our business at Idaho Divorce Law Firm and Joe Frick Law PLLC.
I highly recommend TA Builder to anyone seeking a trustworthy and results-driven business partner. Looking forward to continued success together, thank you JD Hasna and TA Builder!

 -Jeffery Hale, Operations Leader - Joe Frick Law PLLC 

We partnered with TA Builder to create a talent strategy, implement a new series of recruiting tactics, and manage our human resource needs at TRITORI Realty Group.

As a startup, we needed both structured thinking on how to approach building a people strategy and help running the behind the scenes machinery that kept all of the people systems running smoothly. Right from day 1, JD took on the de facto role of Chief People Officer for us right from the get-go, handling all HR responsibilities, pay questions, and benefits administration.

As we continued to grow, TA Builder took on more and more responsibility for proposing new recruiting initiatives, providing frameworks for our leadership team on how to think about the big picture questions, building out a passive candidate sourcing program, and streamlining our onboarding documents and processes. JD and TA Builder have been immensely helpful and responsive, and have had a major hand in shaping our business into what it has become today.

-Nate MacKenzie, COO - TRITORI Realty Group

I collaborated with JD on an extensive real estate agent recruiting campaign, and I must say, his wealth of recruitment knowledge is truly impressive. Working with him was a breeze, as he is not only knowledgeable but also easy to collaborate with. I highly recommend TA Builder to anyone seeking recruiting assistance, and particularly to those in need of guidance in this field. JD will guide you seamlessly from start to finish on your recruiting journey, creating an outstanding partnership experience.
-Justin Sofman, Co-Founder - Orion Placement

I’ve been a happy client of TA Builder for more than 15 years.  The recruitment process, the qualification, the fit assessment, and the personal touch separate TA Builder from the competition. If you have a key position you need to be filled with a qualified, talented applicant, and you want the expectation of employee retention, call JD!  

- Glen Davis, COO - Envoy Data 


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