Meet TA Builder

TA Builder is a privately owned full-service staffing agency, based in Salt Lake City, Utah, with virtual support located throughout North America, Formed in 2014, however, our team has over twenty-five years of sourcing experience with a full-service spectrum of solutions that range from Direct Placement Exempt (DPE), Direct Placement Non-Exempt (DPN), Business Process Outsource (BPO), and Consulting Services (CS). We are a leading provider for business sourcing solutions, running virtual workforces, and are dedicated to helping our clients build stronger and more agile businesses.


We combine experience, behavioral traits, and science "data-driven decisions" to design, manage and continuously improve our business process and sourcing solutions for our client’s needs. Our ability to introduce sustainable sourcing solutions repeatedly require a holistic, approach and specific understanding of our clients’ needs and how these needs map to their overall business objective. This methodology is the framework to deliver value that aligns with our clients’ business goals. From small to large clients, on-site to virtual markets, and candidates of every background, our commitment remains the same - "We Build Talent".

Areas of Expertise
  • Customer Care

  • Sales

  • Licensed Programs (Insurance, Brokerage)

  • Administrative

  • Call Center

  • Management

  • Project Management

  • Retail

  • Consulting

  • Technical Support

  • Strategic Outsourcing

  • Work-From-Home

Proud Partnerships & Team Certifications



Global community aimed to reduce the urban-rural divide by encouraging accessibility to virtual jobs in isolated regions.